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About Mystery Postcards

Mystery Postcards is an idea I recently came up with while I was looking over some old photos. I was trying to remember where each one was taken when I realized the process might have actually been fun if some clues had been thrown in. Which brings me to my idea. My plan is to take my photos, have them printed as postcards and mailed to you. There will be clues written on the back that you use to guess where or what the picture is of. I will post the answer to each postcard on this website a few weeks after it is mailed. I will be sending out a total of sixteen different postcards from May through August, one a week.

The point of Mystery Postcards is obviously for the locations to remain a mystery until you have received them and had a chance to figure them out from the clues. I will use this site, my social media pages and Kickstarter’s backer-only updates to share information about the postcards. A few weeks after I mail a postcard I will share not only the location of the photo, but the history of the location, more photos to give you a better idea of what it is like and any other facts you may find interesting. Check out the sample card below to see what I mean.

How it Works:

I take a photo… Mystery Postcards

Write some clues on the back… Mystery Postcards

Now you try to figure out the location.

Think you’ve got the answer? Given up?

Click on the back of the postcard for the answer.

You can find Mystery Postcards on:

Feel free to leave a comment on a post or contact me on social media. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. I’d love to hear what you have to say.